Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

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Studying MBBS in Philippines has its own disadvantages only if the students do not follow the rules and regulations stated by the consultants. Here are some of the drawbacks based on the experiences shared by students who have studied previously in Philippines through Maven Overseas.

Food and Accommodation

Most Indian students after joining MBBS in Philippines prefer staying in some PG’s or rented rooms nearby the college. The rent for staying outside is much more when compared with the hostel fees and the students will have to pay separately for their food and other requirements. This practice is highly disapproved by most of the consultants as they may affect the students health and their financial conditions. The food available outside is costly and we are not sure that they are hygienic. Thus staying outside hostel may not be a great idea for Indian students.

Climatic Conditions

Philippines, generally is an island surrounded by water on all sides. Climatic conditions are similar to India but expect the country has longer rainy season. One could expect frequent rainfalls from June till November. Also there are chances of heavy cyclones hitting more often which could affect the life style much badly in Philippines.

Exposure to Modern Culture

As Philippines was a major colony of Spain and the United States, their culture entirely based on these two countries. This is the reason for which the country official language is English. The exposure to night life and to late nights pubs may affect their health and studies. Also practicing harmful drugs and alcohol may happen to students through night life habits which could divert them from their studies. For these reasons every consultant will advise the students and parents to stay in college hostel approved by the medical colleges.

MCI Screening Test

Indian students who are graduated from medical colleges outside India will have to take screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. Only students who pass this screening test will be allowed to practice medicine in India. Each year the MCI screening test will be conducted twice. Most of the consultants are providing special coaching for students who are about to complete their education. Students are advised to take these coaching so that they could take the FMGE exams without fear.

MCI Eligibility Certificate

Indian students before applying for studying MBBS in Philippines or in any foreign country should apply for MCI eligibility certificate from the government of India. Also, Indian students are recommended to prefer medical colleges that are listed among the MCI list. Getting these Eligibility certificate are much easier when students apply through consultants. All you have to do is to look for the best consultant and apply for studying MBBS through them. All the processing works like MCI certificate, Visa processing, getting admit cards, flight tickets will be arranged by the consultant.

Pre Medical Course (BS Degree)

Before applying for studying MBBS in Philippines, Indian students must also know about the pre medical course. It is mandatory for every Indian students to enroll in these pre med courses before taking their admission in medical colleges.This is because, Philippines educational system is entirely different from our Indian educational pattern. So to overcome this, the Indian students must have to take BS degree. The most common pre-medical degrees include biology, psychology, pharmacy, medical technology, biochemistry, microbiology, nursing, and physical therapy.

Lesser Clinical Rotations

Generally, the students studying MBBS in Philippines spend their first three years in class rooms facing the LCD monitors. They are not allowed to take their lab sessions. The students are given permission for clinical rotations only by the end of fourth year. This makes students less exposure towards patients and the real life disease patterns. Also, except manila every state of Philippines is not much developed. So the chances of having practical knowledge is much lesser in most of the Philippines medical colleges.

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